The SHIELD KISS project is the third major project since 2000 in the Shindenkan organization.

The project is handled by Shindenkans Competence & Development center with the cross-organizational coordination committee SOPORG as steering group. All members of SOPORG are democratically elected on the official general meetings.

SHIELD KISS is an abbreviation of Strengh Health International Empowerment Listen Doctors and Keep It Simple and Safe.

The SHIELD KISS project is a five-year health project in which the essence of the west, as well as eastern medical knowledge are gathered through the Shindenkan POMW project (2011-2013) well developed toolbox.

SHIELD KISS is based on the Top10 health challenges, diseases and causes of death of the Industrial world today and in the future.

Doctor theses prestige level in the health care sector is an important career and sponsor-related parameter for healthcare personal, and is therefore also included to understand the indication of the future development potential of this special field, and thus the possible cure probability of patients.

The toolbox includes project processes, methodologies and handling of different special fields and the proven POMW process methodology – KISS = Keep It Simple & Safe.

Everything is in accordance with the Shindenkan values ​​”Room for everyone – the elite as well as the joggers” and “We meet people where they are and take them on a journey.”

The SHIELD KISS project’s main health doctrine is for everyone to be as strong and healthy for as many years as possible, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

SHIELD KISS deals with preventing injuries and thus delays or prevents the injury, or injuries from occurring, rather than to act when the injury has happened. SHIELD KISS is also about accepting that acute physical injuries may affect the psyche, and chronic physical damage affects the psyche, mentally and spiritually and vice versa. Prevention is never too late, either before, during or after the damage is done, but we must also accept that we all grow older – year by year.

To achieve a “healthy mind in a healthy body”, also requires that people take responsibility for all aspects of their own lives depending on the life cycle. To stay strong, fit and healthy, do not need to be a big science and extremely complicated, as many commercial providers would like to make it. It is very much like the previous highly internationally recognized Shindenkan POMW project (2011-2013 –

The SHIELD KISS project does NOT invent the wheel and the deep plate as they have already been invented, but gather the essence of other specialists work and consolidate it as a fundamental understandable solved puzzle with an overview, essence and bridge-building.

To the extent that it is necessary, cooperation or verification is done through experiments or research projects in independent cooperation with national and international recognized research institutions.

Generally the SHIELD KISS project does not participate in academic and research discussions with different agendas and different subject areas, but are founded on these, and synthesize it to a proposal recommendation, and ask the question why it is beneficial on both the short- and the long-term.

The reason for this is that research based results are often conflicting and contradictory, but meets all the investigative rules and doctrines in the health area. This ensures the same quality, but not the same findings and recommendations.

It is widely recognized that there are many political, financial and career interests in the gigantic health industry at an international, continental, and national to regional level as well. Historically it has been like this, but today is no different.

Therefore it is often more likely to end up as a philosophical political discussion between physicians and other medical professionals, who very often create more confusion than benefit to public health.

The various countries’ health agencies are politically based and tied together regionally and internationally. Health agencies are usually extremely conservative in their recommendations compared to food agencies. Food Agencies are also politically based and tied together regionally and internationally.

It is therefore understandable with so many different health interests and mediation through the Internet and other media that we, as part of public health, cannot make head or tail of all the recommendations from the various health experts. The different interpretations of research from journalists mean that we often give up and do nothing. The SHIELD KISS project aims to address this in a safe and secure manner.

All traditionally trained multi-track martial arts grandmasters from the rank Densho Menkyo Kaiden (8-10.dan), is for more than 600 years fully trained traditional holistic Japanese doctors. It is an integral part of the multi-track martial art curriculum originating in the samurai world of war and mystery. This network forms the platform to the newly established platform of western trained doctors of Primary First Movers. The bridge is SHIELD KISS under here KataFIT WWW.

SHIELD KISS is inspired by and structured as an “Underground Movement International to National – UMIN” voluntary movement. There is NO accusing finger, politics, or “holy fire from earth to heaven.” There is only common sense by the KISS principle; Keep It Simple and Safe and EVERYTHING to gain and nothing to lose, and the desire to create a better world for all.

The recommendations are in line with the latest research from the most recognized progressive scientists in the world, and comply with safety values in either international food institutes or the pharmaceutical industry.

The SHIELD KISS recommendation proposals give you a structured overview and explains why it will be good for you and/or your family. But it is up to YOU to decide – you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Practically all SHIELD KISS recommendation proposals are very inexpensive, and can usually be purchased at the local supermarket. Some of the recommendation proposals require your doctor’s approval though – but a lot of doctors are already for it.

SHIELD KISS recommendation proposals can vary from region to region around the world as health status and challenges are different as well as the fundamental baseline of food and food policy.

SHIELD KISS is the overall project name and it aims to support and complement national and international health programs under the motto “EVERYTHING to gain, nothing to lose – all creation begins with the first act – Keep It Simple and Safe”.

The SHIELD KISS project is Shindenkans contribution in creating a better world.

KataFIT WWW is the first major sub-project of SHIELD KISS.



All work in shindenkan is voluntary. The work is done thorugh democratic society work after the scandinavian conditions and rules in the area of annual general meetings. Shindenkan honbu-dojo (primary school) is self-financed, so that the school will always be political independent and may keep main focus on Yakami shinsei-ryu’s 1000 year heritage and ageless toolbox –with the communications customized to response to the present. It is the shindenkan honbu dojo’s general meeting that decide shindenkan’s major projects normally lasting for 3-15 years, and the financing internal and external as well. Shindenkan soon have 50 years of history in Denmark and more than 1000 years of history in Japan.