KataFIT WWW is a holistic form of exercise, which aims to bring balance, awareness and develop your body, your mind and your spirit, in order to fullfill your lifes full potential.

KataFIT WWW is especially developed for the benefit of all, as the altime purpose is to balance your body, mind and spirit. This brings a high level of energy and clear thoughts for you and your family, to take exactly the responsibility,  the decisions, and live your life as you want it to be, depending on your life cycle.

KataFIT WWW can be practiced anytime, anywhere when it suits you and your daily life. You need no training equipment, just a floor area of ​​approximately 1 x 2 meters.

KataFIT can be practiced alone, as well as with others. It is entirely up to you and your life.

KataFIT WWW can be trained as a single sport or a balancing platform for experienced and elite athletes. It is entirely up to your needs and motivation.

KataFIT WWW assist you in injury reduction, injury prevention and injury rehabilitation, both on a physical as well as a psychological level. KataFIT WWW helps you to balance your life, for your purpose, motivation and life process. It is entirely up to you and your life – at any time and any place.

KataFIT has already showed spectacular results that are noticed internationally.

KataFIT WWW does not reinvent the wheel, but brings together the essence of work of other specialists and puts together this as a fundamental, understandable completed puzzle with an overview, essence and bridge building.

A bridge between eastern as western knowledge for the benefit of human health and quality of life. The best of the best and most efficient in the shortest possible time, in both the short and the long run.

To the extent necessary, cooperation or verifications are done through experiments or research projects cooperating independently with national and international recognized institutions.

Shindenkans contribution to a better world is non-political, non-commercial and honors SHIELD KISS project UMIN background; Underground Movement International two National and purposes.

KataFIT WWW is a subproject of the SHIELD KISS project (2014-2020)

KataFIT WWW – Winner Workout & Wellness

KataFIT WWW is holistic, meaning that the body, mind and spirit are regarded as one united whole.

It also means that there is no discrimination or distinction between Western and Eastern traditional medicine, policy and research, but only what is optimal benefit and effect on human quality of life, food and health.

This also means direct support and contribution to national and international health programs.
KataFIT is trained without equipment, and can be performed anytime anywhere. But also anywhere in the world, as it is free of charge and can be performed by everyone.

KataFIT is a holistic exercise in terms of both function and cohesion and will always try to balance the imbalances in the body. This may be imbalances, injuries, preventing injuries, imbalanced exercises looking at todays changing beauty and fashion ideals, improper training technique and structure, etc.

KataFIT brings balance, stimulates and trains your body’s anatomy, physiology and biophysics that is; bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, body systems, nervous systems etc. KataFIT is developed and designed to stimulate all your body’s 206 bones about 640 muscles and different systems, but always holistically, functionally and context-related.

KataFIT brings balance, stimulate, coach and connect your body’s anatomy, physiology and biophysics with your psyche and emotions through the cleaning and activation of the median, wedge and nerve pathways trigger and energy assembly points and your breath.

KataFIT brings balance, stimulates and exercises and connects your body’s anatomy, physiology and biophysics with your psyche and emotions through simple instructions on diet and optimal care of yourself on several levels.

KataFIT purpose is targeted at the modern challenges and requirements, and are attempting to bring balance to your immune system, reduce stress, depression, boost your self-esteem, self-confidence and give you more energy. But also increase your learning and memory function and make you appear up to 15 years younger on several levels regardless what your birth certificate says.

There is NO lecturing, politics, or “holy fire from earth to heaven.” There is only common sense for KISS principle; Keep It Simple and Safe and EVERYTHING to gain and nothing to lose, and the desire to create a better world for all.

KataFIT WWW – what is different than traditional training principles?

The current sports doctrine and traditional training mindset has not really changed since ancient times. There has always been a hard distinction between workouts for heart / lung (aerobic exercise) and exercise to optimize your muscles (anaerobic exercise).

The reason for this type of training is often targeted to meet various beauty and fashion ideals, causing many to take shortcuts.

Shortcuts which can have an incalculable effect on the health of both body, mind and spirit after a short while. Shortcuts are not only reserved for elite athletes, bodybuilders, but has increasingly found its way into gyms for ordinary people worldwide.

This is not the case with KataFIT.

KataFIT’s aims to cultivate balance, stimulate, train and connect your body’s anatomy, physiology, biophysics with your psyche and emotions, thus increasing body and self-awareness in a constructive and healthy evolution, raise your self-esteem and self-confidence on the long and short run.

KataFIT can be performed by all ages regardless of condition, injury and disability, since the choice of level can always be adjusted to suit your ambition, purpose and process.

KataFIT uses both aerobic as well as anaerobic training principles, and the higher kataFIT number, the more you need the oxygen and properly synchronized breathing between movement and breathing, as the body’s energy production will not function optimally. That is why even the world’s strongest man or woman can not complete KataFIT if this is not in place. It is very logical and simple.

The synchronization of movement and breathing is especially known from martial arts, yoga, Qigong and certain forms of meditation. KataFIT WWW belongs to the Eastern form of “Moving Meditation”. In martial art called the kata – Mai and is very different from the martial arts form kata, a figure exercise usually seen for martial arts competitions.

It is quite normal that some KataFIT practitioners of all age groups and genders  reach their maximum heart rate from KataFit 8S up to KataFIT 15S.

The maximum heart rate is the absolute highest heart rate your heart can achieve. If your maximum heart rate is 200, it means that your heart has the capacity to beat 200 times per minute with maximum pressure.

KataFit S can last from 12 minutes up to 48 minutes, depending on KataFIT WWW choice.

KataFIT WWW – Winner Workout & Wellness, scalable training form

There are three main levels of KataFIT, which gradually are added to optimize multiple workouts:

• Superior.
• Royal.
• Imperial.

KataFIT is always divided into two successor circles on a four-step ladder;

• KataFIT Mobility Balance Body Healing Series (MMBBH – pronounced Double MBH)
• KataFIT Kihon series – Kihon means basic – the fundamentals.

KataFIT MBH includes activation and stimulation of the nerveous system, medians , bones,  muscles and organ systems and the brain. Throughout MBH movement series and the synchronized respiration occurs stimulation, activation and detoxification process in the body, mind and spirit. Moreover the pulse is slowly decreasing MBH on the relieving four-step ladder, and a lot of stuff are released during the MBH. This means calmness and increased awareness of the psyche and the mind state and affect the whole body, mind and spirit relationship.

KataFIT Kihon, it is the more anatomical, physiological and biophysical portion. It is practiced holistically, but with a primary and secondary focus. This means that you train all bones, joints and ligaments, muscles, etc. Throughout kataFit the focus changes, while your heart rate increases from low to moderate, to high and maximum heart rate, depending on your condition and the kataFIT difficulty you have selected to perform.

KataFIT has 15 steps with increasing difficulty; KataFIT 1 to KataFIT 15. Next, in S, SR and SRI version.

Your breath is in sync with your movements, as this has a decisive influence on your biophysics and your mental state and balance. Most people reach the limit at KataFIT 8S, if synchronization between breathing and movement is not optimal.

If it is not optimal, you will start to fight with yourself and your own willpower. Eventually there will be no energy left in your muscles, then you can not complete KataFIT.

KataFIT encourage you to treat yourself well from the beginning, breathe properly, perform techniques properly, synchronize and take full advantage of KataFIT.

If you do not treat yourself well and cut corners, then KataFIT is like life – it shows you reality. It usually occurs around KataFIT 8S+.

Your kataFIT training builts up slowly. You always begin with a KataFIT 1S. This is done through a 3½ hour KataFIT course aimed to teach you, to get the most benefit from KataFIT as possible.

When you have almost full control of the optimal practice of KataFIT 1S, you can, as a rule with regular structured training, raise the level of one per. week up to KataFIT 5S. Then, you can expect an increase in level of one each 1-2 weeks, up and until KataFIT 8S-10S. After 8S-10S is very variable, but the rule of thumb for around a thousand practitioners, says one level uplift per. 1-3 weeks up to 15S.

KataFIT 5S is standard for each training lesson in all Shindenkan schools. At national Shindenkan level is KataFIT 8S, 10S, 12S and 15S standard training level of Honbu (main school) curriculum seminars.

KataFIT changes people. There is both a significant external and internal change, where more than 90% are very satisfied with this change. By changing people, you can change the world we and our children live in. SHIELD KISS including KataFIT is our contribution to a better world.

KataFit TripleW can of course also be used for all forms of sports and  promote health. KataFIT can be performed by all ages regardless of condition, injury and disability, since the choice of level can always be adjusted to suit your ambition, purpose and process.

KataFit TripleW series is a sub-project for SHIELD KISS main project, and will also include diet, as the rule of thumb is that the right diet for you and your needs, account for 65% of the performance improvement or 65% of the opposite.

The optimal diet means in KataFit series diet for your goals and needs, which typically will change several times throughout a practitioner’s life cycle.

KataFit TripleW series will of course also include tools for life-improvement, lifestyle and philosphy of life. But this will be for you and your needs and life cycle to decide.

As always in Shindenkan nothing is secret, but everything is told, and will be targeted at the right time, place and needs, resources will be used optimally. We do this because Shindenkans values ​​are not only limited to Shindenkan, but to all who have interest and curiosity for what tools Shindenkan has to offer – tools that are up to 1,000 years old, quite well-proven with no hocus-pocus and mysticism.

This is responsible thinking, because we know that thousands of practitioners are introduced or will be introduced to KataFit TripleW Fundamental, and the results will be used in the ongoing development and improvement spiral, which also both eastern and western specialists will benefit from, and then it will spread from here.

The UMIN idea and concept is that all practitioners can use KataFit just to their changing needs and life cycle when KataFIT has the unique property of being both injury preventive and rehabilitating for all ages, at all stages.

KataFIT belongs to the five-year Shindenkan SHIELD KISS project,  which replaced POMW project (www.pomwproject.comwww.pomw.dk) it will continuously get updates. Everyone who has the time and interest,  can follow the project until it ends in 2020.

This is to meet the both national and international interest, but also to give all interested parties the possibility to differentiate between the original  concept and content compared the copyists and plagiarisms.

But still – it’s a free world where we are inspired by our differences and rejoice in what we can agree on. But the significant difference is that Shindenkan is not making money on this as it is beneficial for everyone regardless of their financial means. This is not the case of commercial imitations and copyists, here the set of values ​​and the concept is directly opposite.


All work in shindenkan is voluntary. The work is done thorugh democratic society work after the scandinavian conditions and rules in the area of annual general meetings. Shindenkan honbu-dojo (primary school) is self-financed, so that the school will always be political independent and may keep main focus on Yakami shinsei-ryu’s 1000 year heritage and ageless toolbox –with the communications customized to response to the present. It is the shindenkan honbu dojo’s general meeting that decide shindenkan’s major projects normally lasting for 3-15 years, and the financing internal and external as well. Shindenkan soon have 50 years of history in Denmark and more than 1000 years of history in Japan.